What is the 4th state of Matter? explain any information you can find out about it
Sheran De Silva 7f
3/10/2011 12:58:22

The Fourth state of matter is Plasma it is the stuff stars are made of. it is the source to unlimited and renewable energy

Christian Santalucia 7F
3/11/2011 14:57:05

the fourth matter is plasma i found out that it was the fourth matter on my laptop when i was looking at states of matter and it showed me plasma its is in stars and is renewable to energy

Quan Nguyen
3/15/2011 23:50:03

The fourth state of matter is plasma. plasma is what stars are made of. i found out about this on google.

Jarrad Mezzadra 7G
3/19/2011 18:28:15

The fouth state of matter is Plasma. It is the stuff stars are made of and is renewable energy. When a star is shining it is plasma.

Luke Mascaro
3/24/2011 21:52:37

The 4th state of matter is Plasma it is what stars are made of.

James Rippingale 7f
3/28/2011 00:13:21

The 4th state of matter is plasma. It is the stuff that stars made of. it is a renewable energy

Samuel Sesto
3/28/2011 00:18:43

plasma is the forth state of matter.Plasma consist of freely moving charged particles

Nick Calandra 7F
3/29/2011 02:00:44

4th state of matter: Plasma
Plasma is a infinite source and comes from space. It is the substance that is in the stars and it is hot. Plasma explodes every split second on the sun.

max nesci 7A
5/24/2011 01:28:21

Plasma, a mixture of free electronsand ions or atomic nuclei. Plasmas occur in thermonuclear reactions as in the sun, in fluorescent lights, and in stars. When the temperatureof gas is raised high enough, the collision of atoms becomes so violent that electrons are knocked loose from their nuclei. The result of a gas having loose, negatively charged electrons and heavier, positively charged nuclei is called plasma.

Gabriel Sechi 7g
10/7/2011 21:14:49

the forth state of matter is plasma. i is the stage after gas. it is when gases are heated.

miss cracknell
2/2/2012 19:18:10

great job boys


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