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Chris Orlich
07/14/2010 5:28pm

Atoms are the building blocks that make up everything and everyone.

MIxtures are 2 or more substances mixed together to form 1.

tom wilson
07/14/2010 5:30pm

An atom is a very small particle that makes up all things

Element is a substance that is only made up of 1 atom

A chemical made up of 2 or more atoms

connor mcshanag
07/14/2010 5:56pm

an atom is what makes every single thing in the world. there are different types of atoms. there are hydrogen atom, carbon atom and oxygen atom.

an element is a pure chemical substance. there is one atom in an element.some examples of elements are copper, silver and iron.

a compound is a pure chemical substance which consists of 2 different types of elements.

a mixture is a collection of molecules and atoms of different types. a mixture has a unique set of physical properties.

they all differ to each other as each have a different amount of atoms and chemicals.

07/14/2010 5:57pm

Atoms make up everything in the world. The contain a nucleus, protons, electrons and neutrons.

An element can't be interconverted in any way. There are more than 100 elements in the periodic table. There is one atom per element.

A compound is the mix of two elements. They contain different properties than an element.

A mixture is the mixture of molecules an atoms. All mixtures are unique in their own way as each contain different molecules and atoms.

An atom is different from everything else because they contain many different types of atoms and molecules.

Jordan Tori
07/14/2010 11:26pm

Atom - A small amount of matter which is surrounded by electrons.

Element - A substance that can not be made any smaller.

Compound - A substance made from a mixture of elements.

Mixture - something that is made of one or more elements.

Mixtures can be seperated whereas compounds cannot.
Atoms are identicle and elements are not.

Chris Orlich
07/15/2010 11:23pm

An atom is the building block of life. An Element is a substance made up by only 1 type of atom. A compound is made up of 2 or more different types of atom. A mixture is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically united.

The differences between them are that they are all different.

07/16/2010 12:53am

An atom is a tiny particale that all things are made of. A mixture is a combination of two or more materials. The three types of mixtures are colloids, solutions and suspensions. An element is a chemical that is made up of only one type of atom. Elements are shown on the periodic chart. A compound on the other hand is made up of two or more different types of atoms.

tom wilson
07/16/2010 2:16am

Matter- is all around us i is

rhyen woods
07/16/2010 9:35pm

atom: small component which makes up evrything

element: a component that can not be broken down and contains one atom

compound: when the atoms of one elemnt join tightly to another and has many different properties

mixture: elements or compounds are not bonded together in a mixture .They can be separated

The difference between them all is that an element is made of atoms , compound is made of elements and a mixture is made up of compounds

Thomas Solarino
07/18/2010 1:52am

An atom is what everything is made up of. Atoms consist of protons, neutrons and electrons.

An element is a substance that cannot be broken down. That are what help to create chemical reactions.

A compound is two or more substances mixed together that are chemically combined.

A mixture is made up of elements or compounds.

How they differ is because each one is made up of different amounts of chemicals.

07/18/2010 11:04pm

A atom is a tiny particle that makes up everything, and element is something like a rock or a fire, a compound is a mixture of the same thing - eg a compound + a compound

Joshua R
07/19/2010 12:41am

The atom theorem was founded by
the greek scientists democritus and . He believed that atoms were the smallest particles that existed and the 'building blocks' of everything in the universe, but that was in 450BC. Nowadays Scientists have proven the existence of atoms, as well as sub-atomic particles such as neutrons, electrons and protons. That are made of even smaller particles called quarks.

Atoms consist of:

The Nucleus-the bulk of the atom where protons and neutrons are found.They are bonded.

Protons-they are the positively charged subatomic particles

Neutrons-they are subatomic particles that are neutrally charged

Electrons-The negatively charged subatomic particles that orbit the nucleus because they are attracted to the protons. they are the easiest subatomic particles to seperate from an atom and can be easily transferred to or shared with other atoms.

Joshua R
07/19/2010 1:09am

An element is a pure chemical substance consisting of atoms that are all the same, or the same molecules that consist of the same atoms.
in total there are 112 elements of which 92 occur naturally and the rest are man made or synthesized. A chart called the 'Periodic Table' groups the elements according to their physical features. These include their density, weight and how they react or combine with other elements. To help compare elements each one is given what is called an atomic number which represents how many protons are in each individual atom that make up the element.

Joshua R
07/19/2010 1:16am

A compound is a substance made up of more than one element. The atoms are bonded because they share electrons to form molecules. When two or more elements combine they form a completely new substance known as a compound, just like compound words are made of two different words that when combined create a completely new word.
Compounds can not be separated into the elements it is made of because they are bound together.

Joshua R
07/19/2010 1:27am

A mixture is when two or more elements or substances are mixed together but don't bond. Their atoms spread out amongst each other. This can usually be performed when a substance is diluted or dissolved in another substance. Unlike a compound, a mixture hasn't any bonds between atoms and therefore the elements/substances can be seperated.


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