What is an atomic bomb? how have people made an atomic bomb in the past? what type of reaction occurs in an atomic bomb? 

Chris Orlich
7/18/2010 22:58:31

An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon in which enormous energy is released by nuclear fission. Atomic bombs were made by splitting atoms. I don't know what kind of reaction happens in an atomic bomb.

nick larkin
7/18/2010 23:12:35

atomic bombs kill every thing in that area if you are within 100m of the bomb you die distantly if your 800m away your cloths burst into flames instantly

Jacob Sibbald
7/19/2010 01:28:40

An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon in which huge amounts of energy are released at the same time. The reaction that occurs is nuclear fission through uranium and plutonium. people make atomic bombs by putting different amounts of plutonium in a sphere to make a bomb occur.

Jordan Tori
7/20/2010 01:31:20

Atomic bombs reacts when atoms are split or mixing two certin types of atoms together to create an explosion in a similar way that the sun creats energy.

Only two have been dropped, Both in japan (arn't they lucky?)

-25 kills streak (cod joke)-

connor mcshanag
7/20/2010 02:55:19

an atomic bomb is a explosive device which a large amount of energy is released through nuclear reactions. this is more properly called a nuclear weapon. most of these are fission devices and they use uranium and plutonium.

Zac Nathan
7/20/2010 04:20:39

A nuclear bomb is a weapon that uses a chemical reaction to cause a huge and rapid amount of energy to be released. This energy is in the form of heat, a blast wave and sound. As this is a reaction involving radio active materials, there is also the result of nuclear fall out.

7/20/2010 22:54:13

An atomic bomb is a weapon that causes devastation. Atomic bombs cause so much devastation because nuclear reactions. There are two types of nuclear reactions used when making atomic bombs:fission or a combination of fission and fusion. Nuclear bombs are made by mixing plutonium and uranium together.

Joshua R
7/21/2010 02:49:45

Anthony Scott
7/22/2010 23:51:18

­Nuclear bombs involve the forces, strong and weak, that hold the nucleus of an atom together.

Thomas Solarino
7/24/2010 00:47:37

An atomic bomb is a bomb that gets it's destructive power from a quick release of nuclear energy . This causes damage by radioactivity, heat and blast.

rhyen woods
7/25/2010 00:12:49

an atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon which releases a lot energy. They are made uranium(radio active metal). A nuclear reaction occurs in an atomic bomb.

Joshua Rj
7/25/2010 01:19:14

An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon that utilises nuclear fission and/or fusion to wreak havoc wherever it detonates. it is by far one of the most (if not the most) destructive thing made by man.

matthew scully lopez
7/25/2010 02:31:49

A nuclear bomb is a weapon of mass destruction. It works by nuclear fission which is the splitting of the nucleus of an atom, and when split releases large amounts of energy.

Matthew Townsend
7/25/2010 02:37:36

Nuclear bombs are warheads which have
been built to cause mass destruction.
These missiles are built by mixing
two powerful chemicals together which
are called 'Plutonium' and 'Uranium.'
Nuclear warheads are designed to
both destroy the target they have
been designated to and to release
an extreme amount of radiation
to kill and destroy anything in
it's path. If you are not more than
32 kilometers away from the explosion,
it is impossible to survive.

declan kennedy
7/25/2010 03:32:39

an atomic bomb is used to blow up everything around it and is used as a weapon


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