Explain using the following words what voltage and amps are and how they are similar to the flow of water
- amps
- voltage
- pressure
- electrons

How is a battery similar to a HOT DOG? explain using following words

where does our electricity come from? what fuel do we use to burn to get electricity? will we run out of fuels? what can we use instead of these other fuels? how do the fuels get turned into 
define the following current, volts, circuit, and amps
keeping up to date etc etc....
What is an atomic bomb? how have people made an atomic bomb in the past? what type of reaction occurs in an atomic bomb? 

you must post definition of each and explain how they are all different to each other -- make sure you post your name so i can tick you off

NO RESPONSES THE SAME it is called plagiarism 

all work needs to be in your own words
here is our very own chemistry blog, you will be required to add your own information into this blog each week stating what you have learnt and posting any questions you may have about the content covered in class