answer these questions 
- why if the blue flame is the hottest does a rocket have a yellow flame?

- why did the temp of the water not always get over 95 degrees?

- why is the blue flame hotter than the yellow flame? give a scientific answer (eg research it)

- how does a thermometer work
Arron Tran 7H
02/17/2011 20:46

#1. Bunsen burners use gas, as rockets use hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide

#2. This could depend on the amount of oxygen used, faulty bunsen burner, the type of fuel (gas), the quality of the gas and if the gas was altered in any way

#3. Every particle of fuel needs at least 3-5 particles of oxygen to achieve maximum heat

#4. A thermometer works by the liquid inside it (alchohol or mercury) expanding or going down according to the surrounding temperature

alex paten
02/17/2011 22:18

1. this is because a bunsen burner uses a frequent flow of gas and a rocket uses nitrogen tetroxide and hydrazine.

2. There could have been some kind of machanical error like a bad bunsen burner if someone had tampered with the gas or the thermometer was faulty.

3. a blue flame is hotter than a yellow flame because oxygen gives a flame more energy and therfore more heat.

4.a thermometer works by the liquid inside the thermometer (mercuary or alcohol)going up if the surrounding temperature is hot or cold it will rise or sink.

Julian sechi
02/18/2011 00:26

Julian sechi
02/18/2011 00:55

1) a commercial rocket runs on liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen instead of gas, meaning that the ship needs less air to run on.

2) this might be because the alcohol in the thermometer has reached to its longest and can't stretch any further, or the thermo was faulty.

3) the blue flame is hotter than the yellow one because the blue one has more oxygen (meaning more energy to create extra heat). Also the hottest part of a blue flame is right under the middle, which is called the crown.

Julian sechi
02/18/2011 01:03

Sorry i forgot the last one.
a thermometer works when the alcohol/mercury expands (rises) to heat. when it cools down, the alcohol contracts (sinks).

jett fogarty
02/18/2011 17:03

#1a Bunsen burner uses a continues stream of gas such as methane but a rocket uses liquid nitrogen witch burns yellow.

#2there could have been a fatly gas tap or fatly Bunsen burner also when water is heated after a sertan temperature it takes longer to get higher

#3the blue flame is hotter than the yellow because it has more oxygen witch gives the flame more heat and power

#4 thermometers work by liquid in side it mercury and or alcohol when it is hot it rises and when it is cold it sinks

Tyler Farrell
02/19/2011 19:29

1) Bunsen burners use a constant flow of gas whereas rocket use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

2) There could have been a faulty thermometer or bunsen burner. The water may have also needed more time to boil.

3)The blue flame is hotter because it has access to more oxygen which gives it energy and heat. Also wondering if the oxygen makes the blue flame more transparent.

4) Thermometers have mercury or alcohol inside them. When heated, the mercury or alcohol expand/rise.

luke martelli
02/19/2011 19:59

1: this is because a rocket uses fuel not gas and the gas flame colour is blue and fuel flame colour is yellow or it might be the other way around.
2:because when water boils it goes up until it reaches a certain temperature and then it stays at that temperature its even in my prac report

luke martelli
02/19/2011 20:04

3: the blue flame is hotter because it has the ability to take on more oxygen than the yellow flame therefore it becomes hotter
4:thermometers have mercury inside of them and when the thermometer gets heated the mercury inside rises

tien pham
02/19/2011 23:41

1) a.rocket engines use nitrogen tetroxide, not gas.

2)when water reaches 9 degrees, it takes much longer to heat up.

3)A blue flame is hotter than a yellow flame because a blue flame has more oxygen, so it has more energy to create extra heat. Therefore, a blue flame is hotter than a yellow flame.

4)when heat meets the bottom of a thermometer, the mercury and alcohol in the thermometer rises.

tien pham
02/19/2011 23:42

the 'a.' is not meant to be in the first answer

Cameron Tran
02/21/2011 01:34

1.Bunsen Burners use gas and can be blue or yellow, but rockets use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen which turns out yellow.
2.The equipment could be faulty so it wont go any further or the flame could make the water hotter.
3.It is hotter because the blue flame has more oxygen so, it has more energy to create heat.
4.When the mercury and alcohol heats it rises because it is trying to expand.

Cameron Tran
02/21/2011 01:36

In answer two the could should be couldn't

nicholas lynch
02/21/2011 01:57

1. A Bunsen burner uses gas (methane), but a rocket uses nitrogen and hydrazine tetroxide.

2. The boiling point of water can depend on the mineral content of water (ie;'hardness'). Therefore if the temperature was not reaching 95 degrees this might be due to impurities in the water.

3. The blue flame is hotter because when the airhole is open it attracts air and more oxygen gets inside. With increasing oxygen supply the reaction creates enough energy to excite the gas molecules in the flame, leading to a blue appearance.

4. The liquid inside a thermometer is either mercury (silver) or alcohol (red). Both mercury and alcohol grow bigger when heated and smaller when cooled. Inside the glass tube of a thermometer, the liquid has no place to go except up when the temperature is hot and down when the temperature is cold.

Mark Di Bartolomeo
02/22/2011 01:13

1. Rocket fuel reacts better to chemicals and substances like nitrogen tetroxide which appear yellow than gas which can appear blue or yellow.

2. There are a number of reasons like as the temperature gets closer to boiling point, the temperature climb slows or the thermometer might be faulty.

3. It is because if the more oxygen is allowed to a flame, the more energy it has and the hotter it becomes and when the air hole of a Bunsen burner is open, a blue flame appears and more oxygen is allowed to the blue flame, the blue flame melts ice faster and boils substances faster, making the theory of more oxygen to a flame, the hotter it becomes correct.

4. A thermometer works by using alcohol or mercury to measure the temperature of anything, when the alcohol or mercury feel hot or cold things, there is no where for it to go except up or down, it would go down when cold and up when hot.


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